Sandwich $ 8.50

Sandwich & Salad Combo $ 12.00
Pair any Sandwich with any 2 Salad. Endless Possibilities!

Sandwich & Soup Combo $ 12.00
Check out our daily soup.

“Light Lunch” 1/2 Sandwich & Salad or Soup Combo $9.50

Mix and Match Salads! pick a size and fill it with any combination!
We love vegetables and know how to treat them right!

Small Salad $5.50
Medium Salad $7.75
Large Salad $10.00

Super Salad $10.00 a meal in itself. Check for today’s version

Soup $5.00

Go Bunless–Lunch Plates $12.00
Low-carb? Paleo? Wheat-free? Skip the bun and get more of the good stuff inside. Any sandwich filling can be served as a lunch plate. Pick your salads, sandwich innards and grilled pita or organic corn chips