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  • Thai coconut squash
  • Smoked ham and lentil
  • Creamy tomato dill

SUPER SALAD: Fresh salad base with chicken breast, boiled eggs, avocado, pepitas and a choice of dressings! Ginger Sesame Lime, Buttermilk, or Tamari-Nutch


  • Sweet soy vermicelli
  • jade green bok choy salad
  • beets and balsamic
  • Kale with pistachio crunch
  • creamy pasta with fresh dill
  • red bean and grilled spring onion
  • Tabouleh


  • Quesadilla! Zippy beef and black beans, smoked cheddar and avocado
  • Fresh croissants with chicken breast, salted herb mayo, ‘tiny greens’ and spiraled carrots
  • Panini! Ham
  • Fresh baguette, mushroom-cashew pate, tomatoes, sweet onion and lettuce


  • triple choclate brownies
  • peanut butter cookies

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