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Keep reading! I swapped the order….sandwiches are below:)


  • Rubbed kale with pistachio crunch
  • sweet soy vermicelli
  • mixed beans with grilled greens and tahini lemon dressing
  • ginger lime slaw
  • creamy potato dill


  • Shredded chicken in a light thai green coconut curry broth
  • a little bit of Asparagus lemon:)


  • spinach, nappa, and mixed greens with sliced boiled egg,  avocado, bacon, pumpkin seeds and buttermilk dressing


  • Chicken breast with apple bourbon BBQ sauce, avocado, sprouts and red onion on baguette
  • smoked ham aged cheddar, lettuce, tomato and mustard mop multigrain croissant
  • Beet and basil smash with feta, cucumber and arugula on a sprouted grain bun
  • Roast beef,  sweet potato wrap with grilled kale and carrots and fresh horseradish-lemon zest-parsley mayo (while they last :))


  • diablo cookies
  • chocolate chip oatmeal
  • Some goodies from Vegan Sweet Home!!

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