So many fresh, local veggies!!! 🙂

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SOUP: Smoked Ham and Sweet Potato

CHILI:  Zingy Cowgirl Chili with shredded beef and chipotle seasoning with Garlic scape butter Bun


  • butternut squash, maple-Pepita, lime dressing
  • beets with dill and light sour cream
  • Rubbed kale with pistachio crunch
  • Ginger sesame slaw
  • other bibs and bobs


  • Cubano! citrus thyme roast pork loin, ham, provolone, dill pickle, provolone and mustard mop….all panini-ized 🙂
  • Roast sliced chicken and Kale Caesar wrap
  • N-Able bagels with Brie, Tomato and Asiago scape pesto


  • Diablo cookies

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