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Thank you to twin Pine Farms and Riel Acre’s for all the fresh veggies starting to come in 🙂


Hey it’s hot – why not pick up an extra salad for dinner tonight or to take to the cottage?

  • Rubbed Kale with Pistachio Crunch
  • Carrot and Roasted Cauliflower with toasted cumin and coriander
  • Sweet soy vermicelli
  • Ginger sesame slaw
  • Beets, mixed bean, balsamic and spinach
  • Local radish, carrot and cucumber with tamari lemon dressing
  • Watermelon, champagne grapes and mint

SOUP:   It’s simply too hot – sorry! Good day for Salad!


  • spinach, nappa and carrot with egg salad,  avocado, cheddar, pumpkin seeds and buttermilk dressing


  • Baby Meatballs in a sweet tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese and sweet onions on a crusty bun
  • Roast Beef, blue cheese mayo, lettuce on multi-grained croissant
  • Ham and Brie with pickled red onions on multi-grained croissant
  • Sliced roast chicken with grilled vegetables and asiago scape pesto on baguette
  • Wrap! Avocado, black beans, sweet potatoes and seasoned rice, feta, and chipotle salsa


  • triple chocolate brownies

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