Friday – Yay!


  • Coconut Mushroom
  • Sausage, Ham and Corn

SUPER SALAD: Trevor’s lovely local lettuce, sliced chicken, boiled egg, balsamic beets, nutch dressing


  • Local buttercrunch lettuce with blueberries, toasted pumpkin seeds and nutch dressing
  • Roasted local root veg with fresh herbs
  • Creamy curried chick peas
  • Sweet soy vermicelli
  • Creamy potato dill
  • Grilled local cabbage slaw
  • Rubbed kale with pistachio crunch
  • Beets and balsamic
  • Jade green bok choy
  • Roasted Red pepper basil pasta salad with red wine vinaigrette


  • Grilled Wrap – Ham, Mozzarella Cheese, pineapple. candied jalapenos and sweet onions
  • Chipotle Maple grilled chicken on a crusty bun with creamy slaw
  • Cranberry Ciabatta with Smoked Salmon , wasabi mayo,  pickled red onion, cucumber and lettuce – 5 only
  • Multi-grained croissant  with  tuna salad and sunflower sprouts
  • Paninized multi-grained croissant -Lentil and Veg burger patty, with jalapeno mayo, local  tomatoes and butter crunch lettuce


  • diablo cookies
  • chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
  • Peanut butter cookies

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