OPEN Monday to Friday 11-3 (catering outside these hours)

If we don’t answer the phone at lunch time, we’re here, just a little busy


  • Curried beef and vegetable
  • Creamy tomato dill
  • Shredded chipotle pork


  • Rubbed kale and pistachio crunch
  • maple balsamic beets and black beans
  • creamy dill bowtie pasta
  • sweet soy vermicelli
  • Chickpea masala squash
  • ginger sesame lime nappa slaw with chili nuts
  • Baby spinach with red onion croutons and tamari-nutch dressing
  • Arugula salad with radicchio, toasted almonds and asiago
  • Apple cashew slaw


  • Panini! Montreal smoked meat, provolone, pickled red onions and red cabbage slaw and dijon-mayo
  • Butter croissant with chicken breast, avocado, cucumber, sweet onion, baby spinach and asiago mayo
  • Multigrain croissant with roast beef, lettuce, tomato and special sauce 🙂
  • Panini-ized sesame baguettine! roasted beet and basil smash, brie, maple candied pumpkin seeds


  • chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
  • Diablos cookies
  • peanut butter cookies



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