*locally sourced

INTRODUCING……..The Jacket Potato

  • This week! classic topping (sour cream, aged cheddar, chives and real bacon bits)

And The Savory Strudel

  • This week! Puff Pastry, Roasted Vegetable and Boursin*


  • Chicken black bean and sweet potato
  • Mulligatawny !!!!!


  • Rubbed kale with pistachio crunch*
  • Creamy salted herb*
  • Roast carrot, cauliflower and cabbage
  • Jade green pak-choy*
  • Beets and Balsamic
  • Ginger sesame lime slaw*
  • chipotle chili lime black bean and sweet potato
  • Baby spinach red onion croutons and tamari nutch*
  • Sweet soy vermicelli
  • black magic kale, spiraled beets an lemon tamari dressing*
  • Creamy curried chickpeas
  • roast potato,  eggplant and tomato with fresh dill and lemon*


  • Wrap! chicken breast with grilled peppers and onions, mixed greens and jalapeno-feta sauce
  • Sliced multigrain bread with smoked ham, havarti, tomato, greens and sweet onions with pesto-mayo
  • Baked marinated tofu, avocado, sweet peppers, and creamy kim-chi slaw


  • Peanut butter cookiies
  • Oatmeal chocolate chip
  • Diablo’s

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