The last Friday Open until 2019!

We will be closed for 3 week over the holidays…2 for my kids and one for me!


  • Sweet and spicy beef
  • Loaded potato
  • Moroccan inspired tomato, sweet potato, chickpea
  • creamy mushroom


  • Rubbed kale with pistachio crunch*
  • Creamy potato dill
  • Maple balsamic beets
  • Zippy mixed bean and lentil
  • Creamy sriracha lime pasta
  • Ginger sesame lime slaw*
  • Baby spinach, red onion croutons and tamari-nutch*
  • Sweet soy vermicelli
  • Creamy curry chickpea
  • Jade green bok-choy

HOT STUFF: not today! keeping it simple as we wind down for the holidays!


  • Multigrain croissant with chicken apple salad and greens
  • Multigrain croissant with miso-tuna salads cucumbers and sprouts
  • Cranberry ciabatta with smoked ham, brie, kosher dill pickles, mayo and honey dijon
  • Wrap! chicken-kale Caesar with bacon, cranberries and pumpkin seeds
  • Sliced bread with feta, roasted red peppers, sweet potato, baby spinach and caramelized onion-mayo


  • chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
  • Diablo’s!
  • Peanut butter

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