• Southwestern chicken and black bean
  • Hoisin beef


  • Rubbed kale with pistachio crunch
  • arugula, endive and preserved lemon dressing
  • jade green pak-choy
  • lentils with grilled zucchini, peppers and fresh herbs
  • ginger sesame lime slaw
  • beets and balsamic
  • creamy pasta
  • Baby spinach and mixed greens, red onions, croutons, tamari-nutch
  • Sweet soy vermicelli
  • creamy curried chickpeas
  • Black bean honey lime


  • Multi-grain croissant! Montreal smoked meat, tomato, lettuce, sweet pickle and dijon mayo
  • Multigrain croissant! tuna salad, cucumber, sunflower micro greens
  • Wrap! Smoked ham, havarti, Fresh basil mayo, Riel Acre’s greens and pickled reds
  • Baguette! avocado, feta, grilled sweet peppers, candied jalapeno, micro greens


  • Diablos!!
  • Peanut butter cups (vegan sweet home)
  • Nanaimo bars (vegan sweet home)
  • chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
  • peanut butter cookies

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