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Keep reading! I swapped the order….sandwiches are below:)


  • Rubbed kale and pistachio crunch
  • pasta with wild asparagus and tomatoes with white balsamic vinaigrette
  • black bean and grilled veggy with
  • ginger lime slaw
  • beets and balsamic


  • chicken bean vegetable
  • Cream of Asparagus Soup


  • spinach, nappa, and mixed greens with sliced boiled egg,  avocado, chicken, pumpkin seeds and buttermilk dressing

DIP Trio!!!! 3 delicious dips with tortilla chips and 2 salads

  • today’s dips are beet and basil smash, green peppercorn hummus, and dandelion-sunflower seed-asiago pesto


  • Chicken salad with bacon and spring onion on a multigrain croissant with sprouts
  • Grilled cheddar, smoked ham and candied jalapenos on light rye
  • Green peppercorn hummus, grilled yellow peppers and local hot house tomatoes on a baguette


  • diablo cookies
  • chocolate chip oatmeal
  •  triple chocolate coconut brownies with Malibu rum butter

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