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YES there is hummus, for those who have been seeking it!!!

SOUP:  1) Chicken tortilla soup

2) curried sweet potato and chickpea

New! Have your soup with a little pile  of mini grilled cheese

SANDWICHES (Don’t forget, we can vegetarianize most sandwiches, also, we have fresh corn tortillas for the GF peeps)

  • Panino: avocado, grilled lemon chevre and grilled peppers
  • Ham, Genoa salami, Montreal smoked meat, pickled red onions lettuce tomato and mayonnaise
  • chicken, bacon, asiago, tomato, arugula and sun dried tomato mayo
  • Wrap: Black bean walnut loaf, caramelized onion, jalepeno mayo and crunchy veggie mix


  • kale and carrot with tahini lemon dressing
  • tasted garlic and walnut pasta salad
  • spiraled beet and sweet potato salad with  honey lime dressing and Pepita”s
  • crunchy slaw with lemon vinaigrette and pistachio crunch
  • kimchi (nappa,carrot)

DESSERTS (made in house and by ‘Vegan Sweet Home’)

  • triple chocolate espresso brownies
  • diablo cookies
  • chocolate chip cookies

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