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SOUP: spicy sweet and sour squash, tomato and spinach OR Brothy chicken and mixed beans

HOT STUFF: Fresh Baked Fish cakes with with sriracha mayo                


  • Smoked Salmon on a Montreal style bagel grilled lemon cream cheese, red onions and sprouts
  • multi grain light rye with mushroom cashew pate, arugula and chutney
  • Chicken breast, roasted squash, roasted garlic mayo, feta and sprouts


  • Baked butternut with toasted pumpkin seeds
  • Lemon and olive oil rubbed kale
  •  Beet pasta
  • arugula, feta, balsamic cream and lemon-coriander dressing


  • ginger cookies (VSH)
  • peanut butter cups(VSH)

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