June 23rd-26th 10:30-2

Good day!! Here is this weeks menu! Come on in for take out or feel free to call or  Click here to order online for more information visit How To Order.

there are a few that are unavailable on line.


  • Large choose as many favorites as you like  $13.5
  • Medium choose as many favorites as you like $11.
  • Small choose up to 3 favorites $8

Kale w/ Pistachio Crunch “The Kale” (lemon rubbed kale tossed with chopped pistachio, pepitas, black sesame seeds and toasted spices)

Creamy Curried Chickpeas “The Chickpeas” (mild curry dressing…yes there is dairy! with dried cranberries and green onion)

Ginger-Sesame-Lime Slaw (shredded nappa, spiraled carrots, purple cabbage, mazuna, ginger sesame lime dressing and chili-nut topper – not spicy)

Sweet Soy Vermicelli ‘VERM’ (Korean sweet potato noodles with a sesame, soy dressing, sprinkled with red peppers, green onions and black sesame seeds)

Baby Spinach-Nootch (baby spinach, feathery rainbows of red onion, Tiff’s fresh croutons and Tamari-Nutritional yeast…’nootch’ Dressing

Creamy Sriracha-Lime Pasta (yes! creamy and spicy!)

Those Beets (yup, cooked, peeled and diced, so you don’t have to, with our classic Maple-Balsamic dressing)

Salads of the Day:

  1. Jade green bok-choy 
  2. spiraled beets and carrot salad with honey cider vinaigrette and toasted pumpkin seeds


  • grilled jerk thigh- $4each
  • sliced Boiled Egg $2 each
  • macadamia-chickpea yummus $4/scoop

SANDWICHES (for an extra $5 pick 2 side salads)

  • Multigrain croissant with chicken-apple-salad and local greens
  • egg salad on M.G. croissant with pickled reds a n sunflower micro greens
  • Multigrain croissant with calabrese salami, provolone,sliced  tomatoes,  ‘fresh basil sub sauce’ and local greens – $9
  • ciabatta with spice roasted sweet potato, feta, fresh garlic mayo, pickled beets and a bunch of fresh herbs – $7

DIP DUO! 2 scrummy dips with 3 salads and organic tortilla chips for scooping!

  • beet-basil smash
  • macadamia-chckpea yummus

*assume its vegan, unless it says things like chicken or creamy or cheese *assume its Gluten Free unless it says bread, pasta or obvious other grains. We use GF soy sauce so the VERM is a go! *if you mention either in your order we’ll make sure it’s right!

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