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SOUP: Rich tomato, beef and vegetable OR Grilled Vegetable

New! Have your soup with a little pile of grilled cheese nubs

SANDWICHES (Don’t forget, we can vegetarianize most sandwiches, also, we have fresh corn tortillas for the GF peeps).

  • Warm Montreal smoked meat, Swiss cheese dill pickled and dijon mayo
  • shaved roast pork, spiced apple compote
  • walnut sage pesto, grilled red pepper and zucchini and asiago
  • Tuna, avocado salad sandwich with cucumbers and spiralled carrots


  • creamy curry chickpea and cranberry
  • ranch samurai 🙂 (crunchy green salad with yummy dressing)
  • spiralled root veggies with sesame ginger dressing
  • Korean sweet potato vermicelli salad

DESSERTS (made in house and by ‘Vegan Sweet Home’)

  • coconut, oatmeal cookies
  • diablo cookies
  • butter tarts

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