SOUP: Thai Lentil (coconut milk, cilantro, ginger)

SANDWICHES (Don’t forget, we can vegetarianize most sandwiches)

  • Slow Roasted Beef, caramelized onions, Dijon-horseradish mayo
  • Ham, Provolone, cucumber
  • avocado, brie, arugula pesto, sauteed peppers
  • BBQ Chicken, grilled pineapple


  • Grilled Veg and Balsamic Cream
  • Spiralled cabbage, Sesame-lime dressing, chili-peanut crunch
  • Creamy Potato Dill
  • Chickpea, cranberry, spring onion, light curry cream


  • Diablo Cookies
  • Poppy-Cock-Prise (a big cookie with honey nuts and pop-corn)
  • Jen’s Granny’s Butter tarts

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