The local veg is still rolling in!!!

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  • Thai squash and coconut
  • smoked meat and cabbage

SUPER SALAD:   Spinach, nappa and carrot with chicken, beets, sliced egg , pepitas and buttermilk dressing


  • rubbed kale with pistachio crunch
  • beets and balsamic
  • jade green bok choy salad
  • samosa style potato salad
  • sweet soy vermicelli
  • masala squash, chickpea, sauteed red onion


  • smoked pulled pork with caramelized onions, bbq sauce and dill pickle slaw
  • chicken salad croissant with mixed greens
  • baguette with ricotta with honey, ham. figs, pears and
  • Panini! brie, mozzarella, cheddar and green tomato-apple chutney


  • ¬†chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
  • brownies

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