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  • Beef Minestrone


  • grilled sriracha pork burrito with kimchi fried rice and grilled veggies (while it lasts)
  • Chickpea salad sandwich (green onion, dill pickle, mayo…) on multigrain bread with baby spinach and carrot ribbons
  • Smoked pulled pork on baguette with slaw and Brandy-maple- Mustard sauce
  • Another wrap! East Indian flavored black bean and quinoa patties with pineapple-tamarind chevre, spinach leaves and sprouts


  • baby spinach, nappa, carrots. avocado, boiled egg, marinated chicken breast pumpkin seeds and buttermilk dressing!!!
  • Chow mien noodle and shredded veggie salad with peanuts, sriracha pork kebab and hoisin dressing…..


  • sweet soy vermicelli
  • Creamy curried potato and chickpea
  • grilled veggies with with reduced balsamic
  • lemon and oil rubbed kale with pistachio crunch
  • Broccoli, zucchini and red onion salad with lemon tahini


  • diablo’s
  • Chocolate chip oatmeal
  • triple chocolate brownies
  • lemon melt aways

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