MMMMMMonday !


  • Spicy coconut beef and rice
  • mulligatawny (veg)
  • Dill pickle soup !


  • Rubbed kale with pistachio crunch*
  • Roasted sweet potato, black bean, corn and cilantro-lime
  • Maple balsamic beets
  • Mediterranean style cous-cous
  • Creamy salted herb pasta
  • Ginger sesame lime slaw*
  • Baby spinach, red onion croutons and tamari-nutch*
  • Sweet soy vermicelli
  • Balsamic lentils and grilled radicchio
  • creamy grilled cabbage slaw


BOWL OF COMFORT:  Home style chili and cornbread

FRITTATA:  Pulled pork, grilled red pepper and onions and cheddar


  • Multigrain Croissant with chicken breast, tomato, mixed greens and sautéed onion-bacon mayo
  • Panini! smoked ham, havarti, candied jalapenos and mayo
  • Cranberry ciabatta with Stilton, toasted walnuts, grilled peppers, onions and sweet jalapeno mayo (not spicy)


  • chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
  • Diablo’s

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